Connected Living For Everyone With Anyware Smart Adaptors
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A simplified and relevant Smart Home experience for everyone


retrofit self-install

lamp socket adaptor

for personalized Connected Living

Easy to Install by Everyone

“It has been important for us to design a small Anyware Smart Adaptor, so that it will fit most lamp designs and become almost invisible once installed”



The patent-pending Anyware Smart Adaptor is the world’s smallest and smartest lamp socket adaptor. It is a discrete but powerful connected device that offers a simplified, yet compelling Smart Home experience through its seamless self-install, easy-to-use and aesthetic design.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is equipped with four built-in sensors (sound, temperature, humidity and ambient light), two powerful microprocessors, and WiFi and Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is designed to assist daily routines and create peace of mind for families.

It detects sound, temperature, humidity and ambient light through its built-in sensors, and can be configured to deter and detect intrusion attempts, act as an automated baby monitor with sound detection, has automated personalized lighting control, monitors temperature and humidity, and functions as its own WiFi/Bluetooth (BLE) gateway.

The broad functionality scope of the Anyware Smart Adaptor meets different needs of different people

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A Safe Starting Point

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is the ideal first ‘stand-alone’ product in the your Smart Home journey.

You don’t need other devices to get started and feel safe at home or when away.

Secure and Encrypted

Secure and encrypted communication as well as your data privacy is paramount to us, and we comply with the strictest regulation in these areas.

Open Connectivity

You can add more Anyware Smart Adaptors as you please, add more functionality via the Anyware App, or add other connected devices through our open and secure API/SDK or these leading connectivity frameworks:

  • Amazon Alexa/Echo
  • Bluetooth BLE
Why It's Awesome

Product Design
All-in-One Connected Solution for Smart Home Monitoring and Security