Connected Living For Everyone With Anyware Smart Adaptors
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Integrated Product Design

and Business Model Design

Unique Product Design

The product design is uniquely designed for B2B2C partners to engage their customers effectively and successfully.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor ensures a successful Moment-of-Truth because of its seamless self-install and unprecedented ease of use.

Once installed, the deeply integrated Product Design and Business Model Design enable Value Added Services (VAS) and Data Analytics for B2B2C partners.

B2B2C Business Model Design

The Product Design goes hand-in-hand with our integrated B2B2C Business Model Design.

Insurance companies (InsurTech), Energy Utilities and Telcos, who aim to bundle their core offerings with compelling and customer-engaging connected devices that collect data for customer analytics, should contact us now.

How it works

Our unique Business Model Design enables B2B2C partners to engage their customers successfully merely by rolling out Anyware Smart Adaptors.

Then, once the Anyware Smart Adaptor is installed in the home (which it is likely to be due to the seamless self-install), it collects unique sensor and customer data, which in turn allows the partner to re-engage the consumers with data-driven personalized Value Added Services (VAS).

This will create an effective push into the market and engage ‘early majority’ customers, which will buy additional Anyware Smart Adaptors and other connected devices that it works with, thereby enabling the Smart Home mass market.

We believe it is crucial

for eliminating the Smart Home/IoT technology adoption barrier
that the product is aesthetically appealing, small, seamless to self-install and easy to use

Contact us to learn how we can help you engage your customers successfully

All-in-One Connected Solution for Smart Home Monitoring and Security